Jeff Neithercutt

Jeff Neithercutt

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant in Davis, California

Jeff Neithercutt

Jeff Neithercutt was born and raised in Northern California. He earned his Associates Degree in Administration of Justice from Chabot College in Hayward, CA. Afterwards, Jeff completed his Bachelor of Science at CSU Eastbay in Criminal Justice Administration and his master degree in cyber security and Information Assurance.

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"Blockchain of Evidence was an idea my wife Becky came up with after conducting research into using Blockchain in the supply chain to monitor items passing from one location to another."

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"I’ve always held more than one job in my life, even starting in High School, when I worked at the Movie Theater, Sandwich Shop, and Video Game Arcade all at the same time."

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On the surface, notes cybersecurity expert Jeff Neithercutt, blockchain technology seems an emerging field for more convenient consumer wealth and savings.